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About us


Its mission is to reach out to people with limb-loss / physical disabilities and empower them through a total rehabilitation programme to restore their dignity, rights and recognitions.


To be a world class centre for prosthetic, orthotic, mobility aids and rehabilitation services to the physically disabled.


The existence of JJCDR goes way back to 1987 at a time of critical need for artificial limbs for civilian victims of the internal war. The JJCDR was formerly known as Jaipur Foot Programme the Jaffna Branch of the Colombo Friend-in-Need Society and now it is an autonomous body known as “Jaffna Jaipur Centre for Disability Rehabilitation” (JJCDR) and registered in 2001 as a voluntary social service organisation with the registration of Non-Governmental organisation under Regd. No. L 25716

From 1999 to 2002 the ICRC has assisted the centre through training of staff, introduction of the polypropylene technology and donations of materials, tools and equipments.

In September 2002, ICRC terminated assistance to the JJCDR when this responsibility was taken over by Motivation, with funding coming from USAID for 5 years. Over these years Motivation provided clinical and technical support through the expatriate physiotherapist and prosthetist/ orthotist resided in Jaffna. The clinical and technical staff underwent on the job bench training by Motivation. The administrative, clinical and technical staff and the members of the board also were trained in capacity development, strategic management, operational management, financial management, fund raising etc. Head of the prosthetic/ orthotic section and a technician underwent 03 year graduation course in prosthetics/ orthotics in Vietcot, Vietnam. Head of the mobility section underwent 01 year course in Wheelchair Technology in Tatcot Tanzania and two physiotherapy assistants underwent 01 year physiotherapy training in Mobility India. This contract with Motivation ended in March 2007. From the end of October 2007, the ICRC resumed its support to the centre.This support continued till 2011

Aims & Objectives

1. Provide appropriate high quality, light weight, low cost prosthesis to the amputees from the region.

2. Provide children and adults experiencing physical disability with technically designed orthotic devices.

3. Provide quality mobility devices to help the differently abled to move independently and comfortably.

4. Provide physiotherapy and follow up services to the amputees and other differently abled.

5. Provide the physically rehabilitated with micro credit revolving loans to engage profitably in an income generation project to be economically viable.

6. Provide monthly educational grant to physically rehabilitated children and ensure that they have equal opportunities to attend school.

A few other concerns

1. Conduct monthly orthopaedic clinics with the assistance of the Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon-Govt. Teaching Hospital, Jaffna.

2. Conduct monthly paediatric  clinics with the assistance of the consultant paediatrician Govt. Teaching hospital Jaffna.

3. Visit amputees at Govt. Teaching Hospital, Jaffna for post amputation limb care.

4. Field visits to those affected due to mines/ UXO, war related causes and others with disabilities to refer them to our centre.

5. Networking with CBR programmes of other NGO’s and INGO’s that has bearing to our disability support programme.