Prize winning essay in the school competion for the 25th anniversary of JJCDR

“Disability is not the end of Life-Life cycle of humans is reaching heights with Scientific Advances”

A. Denison. J. Manatkadu RCTM School, Manatkadu


Foundation for human needs is the result of research in that field. Human since birth face several problems. But his path is full of thorns and he faces it with courage to win over. With the ultimate objective of overcoming disability he faces, several obstacles. But to those facing such a situation to counter these obstacles remains as their main objective.

Considering the above facts Jaipur centre qualifies as an excellent unit helping the disabled. For those who lost their limbs. In early stages of the war the establishment of Jaipur centres in 1987was a god sends for the disabled. The services it has been giving since then is exceptional and excellent.

We observe that in the war ravaged areas we see widows, children who have lost their parents and their limbs, looking for survival. To them the Jaipur centre offers them solace in many ways including limb fitting and rehabilitation with the most modern technologically designed devices. We cannot forget their selfless services.

We are in the midst f a people who have lost their loved ones and remain destitute and living with memories of war incidents. To all of them the Jaipur Centre since inception has been the ray of hope and help from the time of their founding in 1987. Their commitment to help the disabled cannot be forgotten by any one.

Jaipur Centre had for the past twenty five years served all who needed their services without considering racial, religious, sex differences. The spectrum of their services has expanded to wheel chairs, motorized wheel chairs and a variety of orthotic, prosthetic devices.

For all these our people will be even grateful to JJCDR.

Due to their help we will realize that “Disability is not the end of life”.